Revamping Wardrobe is the Best Utilization of this Quarantine – Read Here Why.

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Revamping Wardrobe is the Best Utilization of this Quarantine – Read Here Why.

Completed all the Netflix series, read all the paperbacks which were filled with dust for almost a year and now you are lazying over your couch thinking, “What more can I do?” Do not feel alone, we all are stuck in this crazy situation. I have an idea which not only sounds productive but is productive. 

Open your wardrobe, just open it and what do you see? Some floral dress hanging in the corner or that denim you hate is stuffed somewhere with favorite tees. It’s a complete mess, isn’t it? 

We are ladies after all. We not only buy clothes we love to wear but out of jealousy, out of the sale or just for fun and its fun but the bad side is that they get spoiled, kept in some corner and take up our precious space. Now, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe and thus organize yourself

Here you have all the incredible tips on how to revamp your wardrobe and get a brand new space for more shopping. 

Sounds exciting, let’s get started. 

1. Refocus on your style

To organize your wardrobe, revisit your personal styles, probably make a list of what type of outfits suits you. It will give you clarity on what to wear.

2. Work-from-home capsule

Since it is a quarantine period but obviously companies have not stopped their jobs and instead have simply shifted the workplace from your nice office to your home. 

So, get a capsule and choose all the shirts and formal tees you wanna wear while you are on a zoom meeting and organize it so that you do not have to dig in for that perfect button down for an important client meeting. 

I am sure many of you will not go for complete formal from head to toe and rather go for upper wear only with comfy pajamas, so go for it. It’s the best distraction to take your head off from boring thoughts.

💡Tip: Read this quick makeup guide for zoom meetings.

3. Find the perfect mates

You are inside your room alone and there’s no one to disturb you. You won’t get this period for a long time, so use it well. I will tell you how. Choose a top and denim and keep changing before your mirror and you will find some perfect pairs to rock. 

It will also help you out in finding which trousers fit you properly. Remember, wear what fits you perfectly. This way, you can sort out all those patterns and layers which you don’t wanna wear ever and probably you can stash them out in a capsule and later, you can exchange them with your friends or sistas. Revamping the wardrobe will also help you out in exploring the choices you never considered before.

4. A solar system style

The quick way to revamp your wardrobe is to arrange it in the solar system style. In our solar system, the sun is in the middle and other planets revolve around it. Take your sun, meaning the best outfits you wear all the time and stack them in the middle and arrange others around it. 

Pull out the other blouses that would go great with the main denim and hang them together or side-by-side. If you have a nice dress, find a cardigan you can pair up with and hang them. This will help when you are in a hurry. You will find the perfect mates together and will give you some makeup time in a hassle.   

5. The Over layers

Fall wardrobe or summer wardrobe are superb ways to revamp your closet. East-to-find and less hassle to find your perfect outfits, they are great methods but you can’t rely on the season completely. I mean, the weather has a knack to change, right? Better get a handful of jackets and overcoats or a couple of boots in case you don’t wanna open up the suitcase in the midst of getting a coffee. 

6. Save some for repair

Not all clothes are meant to be removed from your wardrobe. Some will rock you again if you invest in its repair. Find a reliable tailor, explain to him/her what exactly needs to be repaired and you will gain some wearable fashion instantly. Do not rush now to that tailor. Remember, its quarantine period. Or if you have time why not learn the basics of stitching also 🙂

Revamping the wardrobe will not only organize your closet, but it will also help you in organizing your thoughts and distract you from reality for a while.

You probably now have a capsule full of clothes, not to wear and maybe they are not wearable at all. Here, we suggest some DIY clothes hacks well to go for.


Craft out some adorable soft toys with your old socks or how about some coffee cozies. 


Make some table napkins or storage baskets out of ill-fitted pleated old denim. You can make some toys for your kids or your pets.


It’s chilly outside and you do not have winter socks. No worries. You can make some socks out of your old sweaters, right? Or boot cuffs to give you a layered look without any effort or a cute winter hat with a pouf. Wait! Do you have vintage stools lying in the corner? Recover it with textured old knits you chose not to wear anymore.


Checked shirts ready to be thrown out. Before you do, try making a scarf out of it or a stylish vintage tote or add a layer to your simple vest and make it look stylish.


Add some colors and your old pair of wedges are ready to rock a party. Flip-flop looks too simple; add some laces or old braided-pearl to make it chic.


Old tights and pantyhose can make some great necklaces or headbands. Just try making some. You will enjoy it and your creativity will insight some more cool ideas to go with. Do not forget to share them with us. 

Surf the internet and you will find these really cool videos on DIY clothes hacks. This quarantine, let our creativity come out and we get some cool stuff to decorate yourself as well as our lovely home. 

Stay Safe and Enjoy!

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