Quick & Easy Makeup Tips for Zoom Video Calls – New Routine for Online Meetings

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Quick & Easy Makeup Tips for Zoom Video Calls – New Routine for Online Meetings

This is the #quarantine period but has our work-life stopped, of course not! It is still just the workplace that is shifted. Our table has changed from the cubicle to that corner place of our peaceful sweet home and board room meetings are now zoom meeting. Social distancing to maintain, right? For that, should we give up on time we used to invest in makeup and slouch for 15 minutes more?

I would suggest, do not do that. Even though it is work from home but it is official after all. Sacrificing your presentable look will affect your impression and you won’t love it, will you?

Here, we have some quick makeup tips for zoom meetings that you can follow in your routine:


Before you start for any look, skincare is essential whether you are at home or not. After you cleanse with a right cleanser, moisturize it well with a light hydrating moisturizer to add radiance to the skin.

Sunscreen Moisturizer

If you are sitting near a window, you can go for sunscreen moisturizers to protect yourself from the harsh sun rays. And even though you are home, you should apply sunscreen for the whole day, I suggest. You know the rule: Sunscreen is a must; indoors or outdoors. 


Crazy shiny skin will be too much attention-seeking but instead, healthy dewy skin will make your face look visible and sleek. For that, an oil-free foundation with little matte is best suited. It will give a natural dewy look without adding any extra oil and will make you feel light.


Under-eye concealers are the most important part of makeup. It covers your dark circles and blemishes and gives you a fresh ready to start look. Use your fingers to quickly pat the concealer under your eyes, bridge of your nose and on the inner corner of your eyes. Swiping the same above your jawline will give a brightened and sculpted jawline definition.

Some Mascara to Add-on

The best way to look great on zoom meetings is by prepping up using your font-cameras as your mirror. Curl your lashes, use brow gel and apply mascara to add definition to your eyes. If you want, you can skip the eye part because if you are wearing that for a long time, you can feel quite irked.

A Bold Lip Color

Choosing a bold lip color like bright red will make you look confident and strong and present you as you are awake, happy and ready to work. Choose bold colors that suit your face color and you are ready to go.

Blush Bright

FaceTime and Zoom are HD but can make you look sort of washed out. So, I suggest a bit more vibrance when you apply blush than you usually wear. It will add warmth to your face and pop your face out making you look livelier. For application, we recommend swiping a pointed blush brush in an oval-shaped motion across your cheeks and back toward the outside of your face. Tap a bit of excess off before you apply!

Grab Some Eye Drops

You must be thinking, “Really, eyedrops!”. It may sound unreasonable but it’s not. If your eyes are slightly red, front-cameras will make you look more tired. Eye-drops constrict the veins on the surface level of your eye, keeping them comforted and looking super white for up to 8 hours. Now, reasonable?


I hope you guys have followed all the above-mentioned quick makeup tips for online meetings and now you are good to go. 

Rock the meeting, ladies!

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