Few Remarkable Makeup Tips for Women Over 40

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Few Remarkable Makeup Tips for Women Over 40

“Age is just a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it does not matter”-Satchel Paige.

Dear ladies! Age is never a restriction for makeup. After all, makeup is a beauty aid which not only adorns us but also builds a kind of self-esteem and confidence inside us. But as we age, go over 40, there takes place notable changes in our skin where the requirement and style of makeup changes. The substantial thing is that we must have knowledge about how these requirements and style changes and the good news is that all the crucial makeup tips for women over 40 is mentioned right in front of your eyes. So, let’s not hold-up anymore and get started.


Makeup primer is a base for foundation and makeup which allows to smoothen it and make it last longer. Blurring the boundaries between makeup and skincare, primer is the best way to take care of your skin while making the makeup last throughout the day.

For mature skin type or makeup for women over 40, the primer you should go for must have ingredients which will keep your skin hydrated and will be anti-aging.  As anti-aging skin care products are different from regular products. As skin ages, Collagen and Elastin breakdown leading to reduction in fullness, smoothness and elasticity. An anti-ageing primer will prevent the breakdown of Collagen and Elastin since it is rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants. A hydrating primer will keep your skin well covered and will fill lines. If you have a dry and ageing skin, go for an ultra-hydrating primer for better results. Blurring primer is also a good option for mature skin. It blurs out wrinkles and fine lines creating smooth texture for makeup application.

Since, there are a lot of options available in the market, think about your requirements and take home that will elevate your beautiful feature.

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In this fast-developing cosmetic world, we have all sorts of products based on our requirements which are very advantageous for us, aren’t they?

We have age-friendly products which can give us flawless complexion hiding the imperfections and giving an instant elevation to our look. But, choosing the right product from an ocean of options is a tough task. A foundation which does not work with our skin can give us a mask-like appearance by setting into fine lines and wrinkles.

When shopping for foundation, opt for warmer undertone shades as they will help you in achieving more youthful complexion and reduce the redness caused by broken capillaries. Find a foundation with formulas that is suitable for dry skin and keep it even and elegant without emphasizing the crease lines of your face. Liquid foundation is a very suitable option when it comes to foundation.

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Of course, we all get red spots and dark circles, this is when concealers come into play. One must have two concealers in handy, one for dark spots and one for dark circles. When choosing concealers, find the one that is gentle enough to avoid irritation but strong enough to target problem areas. Based on your skin type, the choice will be more precise.

Liquid concealers can be best for oily to normal skin. Dry skin people should never go for liquid because it will make your skin look parched. For dry skin, cream and balm concealers are better because they are more hydrating and moisturizing. Stick concealers will be good for treating dark spots.

A concealer with pink or yellow undertones are best suited for covering up dark circles and dark spots. Orange or peach concealers are good for hiding brown or yellowish areas. To treat acne or redness, concealers based on skin tone will be a suitable option. If in doubt, choose a light concealer. It will turn darker as the day passes.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place Flawless Wear Concealer

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For women over 40, your skin starts losing its natural glow and radiance. Skin tone becomes uneven and eyes, brows, lips, cheeks become less defined. To redefine your cheek, blush is there but before you go choose for blush, know the details. If you have a very fair skin, blush in peach shade will enhance your look.

Light skin tone people can be best suited with pale pink blush. If you have medium skin tones, pink and peach can suit you if you layer them so that the color is pigmented enough into your skin. If you have cooler undertones, pick cool-toned blushes so that you skin does not look sallow.

If your skin has a warmer undertone, only a subtle touch of color is fine to enhance the skin’s warmth. Try apricot shade if you have orange undertone.

For Olive skin tones, warm peach, rose, bronze are the best options giving you a seamless finish.

If you have a darker skin tone, anything with the shades of red, orange and brown will flatter your skin tone. No matter what your undertone is, red or brick shade will face up beautifully. While going for bold shade, stick to formula with matte rather than going for shimmery finish.

The most common mistake is applying blush too low on the cheeks. Begin applying the product at the height of the apple of your cheek and blend it upwards and back to define and lift your features. Add some highlighter to your cheekbones and the tip of your nose for some definition.

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Women over 40 tend to get thinner eyebrows especially near the end. So, I suggest filling it with pencils of color matching to your hair with small strokes. And finish them with brushing to make them look soft and feathery. Do not overdo it to make it look fake. You can also invest in eyebrow growth serums.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, Ebony

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  • Wax formula mimics brow hair and is ideal for all skin types.
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#Eyeshadow, Eyeliners and Mascara

As we age, the skin near our eye’s changes. Eyelids become more hooded and eyes become puffy sometimes. The best tip for eye makeup for women over 40 is to apply eye shadow primer as a necessary addition to your beauty routine too. Applying it under eyes seamlessly smoothens the skin. Remember, shimmering and matte finish is not for mature eyes because it will highlight the saggy skin and fine wrinkles and instead use brown and toupees to get a stronger look. Go for satin rather than shimmers in the evenings. To add dimension to your eye, use darker shade at the upper lash line.

Eyeliners are the best way to define the beauty of your eyes and the key to do that, is using the right formula. May the cat eye line just kill the look when you are young but it is generally not possible as you age through. Though there can be exceptions but in general, using a soft eyeliner pencil to trace the shape before buffing a bit of darker matte or satin shadow on top to diffuse the line will get you a definition without harshness.

Mascara is fun, no matter what your age is but as your skin becomes mature, you should be quite choosy about the little details too for getting a natural look with a youthful complexion. Looking for mascaras with tubbing formulas which adhere to your lashes or one that are smudge proof because you can wear them without powdering your eyes and the mascaras will not run or transfer.

Nars And God Created The Woman Eye Kit

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Just the best way to get you a complete look. We tend to get lines near our mouth area as we age, so we also need to change our lipstick technique too. Exfoliating it to get rid of all dead cells, hydrating it with lip moisturizer or balm and removing the extra with towel etc., using lip pencil to fill the mouth shape and finally applying the lipstick in a single application is the best way to rock the look. Try bold shades even, don’t stick to neutral shades only and love your preferences because you are awesome.

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Here we go ladies, covering up all the dimensions of Makeup Tips For Women Over 40 . But, never forget makeup only enhance our face but it will look beautiful only when you take a good care of your skin. Invest in some anti-aging serums to naturally hide the fine lines and wrinkles but don’t forget to embrace them too whole heartedly because that’s who we are in real life.

Embracing the imperfections and enhancing them will make you feel and look more confident and that’s what defines your personality and maturity. Take care of your skin with skincare routines and live well. Eat well, exercise and smile more often. You cannot forget to wear the most important part of your makeup, your smile, don’t you?

Cheers to 40!!

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