How to Make Mother’s Day Special – Quarantine Mother’s Days Hacks

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How to Make Mother’s Day Special – Quarantine Mother’s Days Hacks

“God could not be everywhere and that’s why he made mothers.” Tracing back to the history of ancient Greeks and Romans, when they decided to celebrate a day in honor of their mother goddesses, the legacy has been maintained. Right from carrying you in her womb for 9 months to your first cry to your first heartbreak to your marriage, she bears every pain like an unbreakable rock and celebrates your little happiness in the same way she felt when you were born.

Such an incredible human and this day is for that visible god. And since it’s quarantine time, this Mother’s Day is somewhat different but we don’t want it to be special any less. If you can’t go out, you can prepare gifts for your mother, itself at home staying safe.

Here are some incredible gifts ideas for that incredible boss lady:


#1: Online tv shows and movies Subscription

Even though our mom keeps herself indulged in household works or something, she needs some time to laugh out loud on the funniest comedies or drop two tears in a romantic movie. We recommend you Netflix, Amazon, Disney Hotstar subscription which is more feasible to her taste. No one knows his/her mother better than you and if you don’t, it’s the time!

#2: eBooks

ebooks for mothers day

Is your mom a bibliophile? eBooks’ subscription is the ideal gift for her. You can’t go out to a bookstore but technology has advanced so much that bookstores now walk up to you and can get any book for her. Let her enjoy her good old days once again! How about Kindle eBooks?

#3: Lovely Scented Candles

scented candles

Scents often remind you of a good memory. The smell is wired to the emotional area of your brain. Homemade perfume or scented candles can be the perfect fragrancing options. You can prepare her old tea sets into candle stands to lit up the party.

To prepare scented candles at home, follow the guide below:

Step 1: Make sure you have a plain clean surface to work on. Measure the amount of wax you need to fill the container and double the amount. That’s the amount you are required to melt.

Step 2: Put the wax in a double boiler and melt it with constant stirring.

Step 3:  Add the essential oils as required. You can also add flower scents or your mother’s favorite perfume fragrance while the wax is melted.

Step 4: It’s time to add the wick. Attach the wick at the center of the container by dipping it in the wax and allowing it to harden.

Step 5: Now, measure the temperature of the melted wax. If it is 140 degrees, it’s time to pour the wax securing the wick in the container.

Step 6: Let it sit for around 4 hours. If the top is uneven, you can add more wax to make it plain. If the wick is long, cut down the extra length.

Tada! Your classic homemade candle is ready. To beautify it, you can add crayons while the wax is being melted. You can add petals of beautiful flowers while you add the wax into the container. The procedure is the same for every basic candle but it’s up to you how more you beautify it.

You can also buy them online from Amazon.

Mother’s Day Special Scented Candle

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mothers day scented candle

#4: DIY Facial Masks

facial mask for mother

Every woman at any stage of their life crave young glowing skin and here are some incredible homemade facial masks to celebrate the day with her:


  • Banana facial mask

To get you and your mother soft skin with acne treatment, mash two ripe bananas with around 4 tablespoons of honey and mix it well. Apply it for 20-25 minutes and then wash it off.


  • Olive oil mask

For all the mommies out there, worrying about her aging skin, this mask is the best gift for her. It helps in preventing fine lines and wrinkles and also adds a glow to the skin. Add one spoon of olive oil in a bowl with half spoon lemon juice and mix it well. Apply it on the face, leave it for fifteen minutes, and wash it off.


  • Avocado facial mask

The perfect moisturizer for natural skin, Avocados contain these healthy natural oils. Mix one Avocado with a few teaspoons of plain yogurt and honey. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice for a bleaching effect and a few drops of olive oil for hydration. Mix it well to prepare a paste, apply for fifteen minutes, maybe some music in between, and rinse it off with warm water for clear glowing skin.


  • Fuller Earth and Rosewater

As you know, Fuller Earths is a great exfoliator. Two spoons of Fuller Earths with half spoon of rosewater applied for 20 minutes will get you a clear fair skin again.


  • Carrot Masks

Do you have some carrots at your home left for pudding? Well, postpone the pudding day and take one or two carrots, grind it well and add half tablespoon of honey, mix it well and apply it for like 15-20 minutes and wash it off. Smoother skin to enjoy!


#5: Pampering session for your beautiful mother

mothers day pampering session

  1. First of all, find a space in your home more comfortable and quieter to be relaxing.
  2. Beautify the place with scented candles or burn essential oils for a scented environment.
  3. Plan a proper facial – cleanser, exfoliator, mask, toner, and moisturizer. You can prepare them yourself to keep it natural with the treatment you are thinking of or you can go for market products that suit your mother’s skin type. You can also prepare homemade facial scrubs.
  4. Cleanse, exfoliate and while she has put on the mask, play her soulful playlist while you apply nail paint.
  5. Do the manicure and pedicure too and don’t forget to use rose petals in the pedicure tub; soft and beautiful just like our mothers.
  6. Take off the mask and moisturize her face and end the spa with a 15-20 minutes massage with natural oils.

#6: Last-Minute Mother’s Day gifts’ ideas

Lovely flowers

mothers day floweral tiara

How beautiful it would be when you give her those beautiful fresh roses tied with beautiful ribbons i.e. a quick homemade bouquet as an honor. She would jump with joy. Or you can also make a tiara for her. A crown for the queen! Here is a guide to prepare a handmade crown.

Creative Photo Frames

mothers day frame

You must have some leftover cardboards covered up with dust somewhere in a corner. It’s time for the creative human to come out from inside. Cut in the shape of a photo frame, use clay to attribute it, use poster colors and glossy paints, and a smiling photo of her or maybe with you wrapped as a surprise. It will simply make her day.

Artistic totes

mothers day tote bag

If you guys paint well or even if you don’t, you could find this range of designs on the internet and paint her everyday shopping bag or mundane totes to something eloquent. Or you could make her simply dip and dye a neon tote. Sleek and fancy, right?


We feel delighted to share a guide on simple dip-dyed tote bag exclusively for mothers:

Step 1: Prepare dye baths. Basically, fill your bucket with a gallon hot water and add half cup salt and half bottle dye and mix it well. Use a stirrer, like a big stirrer to mix them well and let it dissolve.

Step 2: Soak your tote bag with hot water and rinse out excess water from it. You can probably use canvas bags because they make these superb dip-dyed fancy totes.

Step 3: Now dip the bag firstly, an inch, and then one another extra inch and continue it till you want it to absorb the color.


Tip: The first time you dye will be the darkest and then it will eventually lighten. So, in the first or second time, dip only to that length up to which you want the darkest shade.

Let it dry and then design it with glitters or color pencils to draw out characters You can also paint your mother’s initials in a light shade over darker dye shades. And here your lovely gifts are prepared.

If you feel quite confused about dipping, check the Dip Dye Tote Bag Guide here.


Jewelry for the real jewel

If your mother is really into these bracelets, earrings, pins, etc, the easiest and best homemade gift for her is to make her pearl beaded bracelets or bobby pins. Find this YouTube videos on how to make those things and surprise your mom with that.

You can also prepare hair ties with rubber bands and decorate it with pearls and wooden beads. It will look lovely.


The Chef Mom

If your mom loves trying these new recipes from her tablet, you can make her beautiful DIY tablet holders for her ease. You can find some suggestive videos on the internet.


DIY Keychains

Prepare keychains with old fabrics, fill it up with paints, emboss or stencil her initials and tada! A super cute easy gift box is prepared for her.


DIY wooden shelves

Almost all mothers like to decorate a few antiques on the wall and you can help her by preparing DIY shelves. They are easy to make with some wood planks, nails and hammer and some love!


Coasters and mugs

You can design creative coaster covers or you can sew interesting her coffee mug sleeve with old fabrics, buttons, pearls, and some affection and care.

Apart from these, Eye masks, handwoven scarves, DIY sandals, Canvas photo and pouch, string art, etc also list last-minute Mother’s Day gifts ideas.


If you are currently away from your mother

It is also possible that you are staying in hostels or PGs or away in a different city. You can have a virtual video call date with her or if your mum likes video games, virtual game night is also a pro tip.

It is possible too that your mother has left for heavenly abode, you can prepare her favorite meal, write a journal especially for her to remember her.


Mothers are mothers. They are kind, tender, and above all-loving. Your small efforts are big rewards for her. Even if you are not able to prepare gifts for her, your true affection towards her is enough to make that day special. Wish her and tell her how much you love her, prepare a meal with her, help her in her chores and that’s enough for her. After all, mothers are mothers.


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