Best At Home Pedicure Kits & Perfect Salon Like Pedicure Guide For You

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Best At Home Pedicure Kits & Perfect Salon Like Pedicure Guide For You

The best way to show your love to someone or something is to love them back.

Our body just let us keep up to the pace with the best it could. It stays up late always with energy when you are working on an important project, ready to run when you need to, ready to express when you have to and whatnot. It is basically your own everything you have got on the ground of which you triumph the world and its important to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Well, here, I am talking about our feet basically and to keep them beautiful and soothe them is what we call “pedicure” and I believe that even if the world has stopped right now, we should not stop caring for our lovely feet and what we have is here some amazing at home pedicure products for you and a small yet helpful well-researched and analyzed guide on how to do pedicure at home.

Pedicure Products Quick Review

at home pedicure kit at home pedicure best at home pedicure kit






Callus remover made of stainless steel; non-slippery handle; easy to use; unisex; suitable for a footbath, spa, and personal care.



Lifetime Warranty; 18 pieces for manicure and pedicure at home or anywhere; durable and travel-friendly



Foot & body wash ideal for daily use to keep foot and toenails healthy and beautiful; foot soak keeps toenails healthy; tea tree nail blend moisturizes and softens them. 

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At-Home Pedicure Kits & Products

  • PRETTY SEE 10 in 1 Foot File Callus Remover Stainless Steel Pedicure Rasp Tools

Price | $18.99


  • Handle designs are just perfect to hold
  • durable 
  • Remove callus and dead skin cells and give you tender feet.
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This is the best at home pedicure kit which you can use for complete salon-finishing beautiful feet with differently-capable tools designed for specific treatment. Made of stainless steel, designed so as to provide you with long-lasting using experience. And adding to these, the tools are light-weight well designed to carry easily with a pouch so that you don’t lose any.

  • Foot Scrubber Pedicure Tools Rasp

Price | 16.99


  • User-friendly ergonomic non-slip handle
  • Extremely cost-viable
  • Professional pedicure at home in hand
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KENED foot scrubber includes 3-foot files to help in removing rough, cracked, dead skin on the heels, and 2 stainless steel heel scrapers to remove callus from feet. These foot files are not harsh at all and being a dual-sided foot file, it is helpful for tender feet. It provides good results both in wet as well as dry conditions, therefore, any situation will be apt.

  • Happy Will 18 in 1 Professional At Home Pedicure Kit for Women

Price | $25.99


  • Callus remover made of surgical stainless steel, designed non-slippery, easy to use, and wash with ergonomic handle design.
  • Friendly for both men and women, the tools can be used for a pretty long time.
  • Suitable also for a foot bath, spa, and personal care.
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Professional 18 in 1 Pedicure Foot File come with multi-purpose 18 pedicure set, 3-foot files (2 double-sided, 1 single), 2 nail files, 1 brush, 1 nail clipper, 5 scrapers, 1 silicone pad, 1 dead skin remover, 1 blade (5 pcs), 1 callus shaver, 1 nail trimmer, 1 dead skin push. Foot scrubber for dead skin is suitable for different foot skin of men and women, would remove calluses and dead skin, peeling and other problems, make feet become smooth. You will be more elegant and beautiful with these pedicure foot files. Foot rasp would remove dry and hard calloused skin effortlessly, gently, and thick nails safely and painlessly.

  • Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Foot File, Callous Remover for Feet, Hard and Dead Skin – Rechargeable & Waterproof

Price | $33.19


  • Rechargeable foot file
  • Dual speed system
  • Waterproof with absolute grip both dry and wet
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Amope Pedi foot file gently and effectively buffs away rough, dry feet and hard calloused skin effortlessly. Turn cracked heels into silky smooth ones with just one use. Simply recharge the cordless electric foot file on the provided docking station to have a full charge with each use. This is one of the best at home pedicure products that you should buy. Choose the best speed setting to remove dead skin from feet and cracked heels. 3 Refills To Take Care Of Your Feet.

  • Electric Foot Callus Remover: Rechargeable Pedicure Tools

Price | $31.97


  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Rollers made of micro mineral crystals which make them tough and durable
  • Safety switch protection and splash-proof
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 Carefully manufactured 3 rollers professional spa electronic micro Pedi feet file with powerful torque motor for an exceptionally soft and smooth touch. With this electric callus remover kit watch years of callused, dry, hard skin and cracked heels give way to smooth Happy Feet in minutes. Ergonomically shaped handle, easy to use with a no-slip grip; Improved safety lock button; Tough and Durable pedicure tools tougher than rasp, razor, scraper, sander, scrubber, pumice stone, and other graters like tools; 360 degrees Smart Precision convex curved rollers so you never miss a spot. Charge once, use multiple times; Portable, Lightweight; Built-in long-lasting rechargeable battery with over 750 hours lifespan.

  • ESARORA Manicure/Pedicure Set

Price |$27.99


  • All tools are made of surgical grade martensitic stainless steel that possesses high strength, toughness, and abrasion resistance.
  • Literally can be used anywhere, easy to travel with even a leather case.


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ESARORA Professional Pedicure Kit Contains 18 pieces of nail and toenail tools for three functions, including hand care, facial care, and foot care. This Manicure Pedicure set has everything you need. With tools made of professional surgical grade Stainless Steel, which allows for safe sterilization, prevents corrosion, and minimizes the risk of infections. ESARORA at home pedicure kit set comes with a portable synthetic leather case that is easily opened with a push of a button. It is also very lightweight so you can carry it with you in your bag everyday or pack it with you when you go travelling.

  • World No. 1, Three Seven 777 Travel Manicure Pedicure Grooming Kit Set

Price | $55.00


  • Lifetime Warranty (The warranty program does not cover products that are lost, stolen, dropped, shattered by the customer’s fault or any other damage that is caused by the consumer.)
  • Made in Korea. Not 3rd Party, Original Three Seven (777) Product.
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This set includes total 18 pieces: Nail Clipper, Toe Nail Clipper, Cuticle Trimmer, Nipper Typed Nail Clipper, Small Round Nail Clipper, Tweezers, Beauty Scissors, Safety Scissors, File, Double-sided Push Stick, V-Shaped Push Stick, Ear Pick, Buffer, Mirror, Brush Set (4 Brushes) with a durable design and the best thing is that it contains a case so, it can be carried everywhere easily.

These products are travel friendly which means you can even carry them with you while you go for travelling in later months when everything comes back to normal. The next step after sloughing off the dead skin cells is to get a foot soak. Here are some of our best suggestions.

Best At-Home Pedicure Foot Soak

  • Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals Pedicure Spa Tablets Champagne Mimosa

Price | $5.49 (40 counts | 3 ounces each)


  • These pedicure spa tablets contain organic jojoba oil and tea tree oil to help replenish moisture, soften, and condition skin.
  • Pure citric acid whitens nails.
  • Scent: Champagne Mimosa – (Orange & Lime)
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  • Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak with Epsom Salt

Price | $13.75

Weight | 16 oz


  • No synthetic fragrance
  • Heal pains and soften and moisturizes the feet.



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  • The soak is made with 100% Pure Tea Tree essential oil, Epsom salts, MSM, Dead Sea Salt, and six other essential oils including Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lavender, and Peppermint formulated to soothe foot discomfort associated with overworked feet and plantar fasciitis.
  • Not Synthetic Fragrance! Tackles Athletes Foot and Nail Fungal infections, improving the overall health and appearance of your feet & nails. Gentle enough for those with sensitive skin, psoriasis, and eczema.
  • Soak, soften, and moisturize sore rough callus patches on your heels while addressing foot and heel pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis helping so many who suffer from unwanted foot discomfort. Excellent for those who have ingrown toenails. For those who are on their feet all day and would like some relief, this product is for you.
  • Purely Northwest Foot and Toenail Kit

Price | $27.99

Weight | 16 oz (foot soak) | 9 oz (Tree oil foot & body wash) | 1 oz (Tree nail blend) 


  • Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Foot & Body Wash, Tea Tree Toenail Blend, and Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak with Epsom Salt
  • Ultimate product bundle to help renew the feet and nails, leaving them soft, clean and refreshed.


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  • Including Tea Tree Oil, Oregano, Eucalyptus, Peppermint & and Other Essential oils, and Botanicals, the foot, and body wash are great for daily use to keep feet and toenails healthy and beautiful.
  • The tea tree oil foot soak containing various organic ingredients keeps toenails clean and healthy and soothes them.
  • The tea tree nail blend keeps nails shiny and moisturized and softens them.

How about some carry-on tub whenever you feel like soaking your feet in lovely temperature water to soothe them quickly?

  • Collapsible Foot Bath Tub for Travel

Size | 17L

Color | Dark Blue


  • This is one of the handiest tubs you can ever have which you can probably use anywhere either you went hiking or picnic or even at home.
  • Completely Relax yourself by having your foot soaked into warm water after a tiring day.
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  • The capacity is 17L, Diameter 12.6 inch, Height 9.8 inch. It is not only a universal foot spa bathtub for both adults and kids, but also can be used to wash clothes, face, vegetables, and fruits in the business trip, self-driving tour, picnic, camping, or as a fish bucket.
  • The outer layer is made of reinforced polyester fabric with anti-tear and wear-resistant design, which is moderately soft and hard as well and can stand upright after being filled with water. While the inner layer adopts high-tech PEVA material, high-temperature resistance, waterproof and leakproof.
  • There is a small loop at the bottom of the water container to make it easier to pour water, hang and dry.
  • Uniform thread, neat sewing, not easy to lose thread, good toughness, attractive and durable.
  • HoMedics BubbleMate Foot Spa, Toe-Touch Control, Removable Pumice Stone, Fb-55

Price | $39.99


  • An absolute foot spa with an attached pumice stone to remove dead skin layers and have multiple control options to get a sophisticated spa feel at home.
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  • No need to bend over and interrupt your massage with the convenient integrated controls with toes only.
  • A removable pumice stone is available to slouch-off the dead skin cells layer.
  • Treat your tired and overworked feet to a soothing and relaxing massage.
  • Immerse your feet in invigorating bubbles for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.
  • Perfect for use before a relaxing bath to give your feet the extra attention they deserve.
  • The foot spa was designed with an integrated splash guard that helps prevent splashing and spills. This makes it easy to carry your foot spa without worrying about spilling the water, for a mess-free experience.

How to do Pedicure at Home?

Now, it’s time for the guide. You must be having the question that how to do your own pedicure at home? Here is the step-by-step guide on how to do pedicure at home.

I must inform you again that all the previously mentioned products are expert-recommended with well-research and analysis. Therefore, you should definitely try them in order to keep your feet beautiful, healthy, and calm. Are you ready for an at-home foot spa?

How to do a pedicure at home step by step:

Step 1: Start with the nails. First of all, remove the old nail paint using nail polish remover with a cotton ball/pad. Soak the cotton ball with remover and then keep it for a few seconds over the nail before you start wiping it out. If there is any tinge left, use cuticle oil to lighter the shade of that tinge.

Step 2: Now, it’s time to soak your feet for relaxing them a bit. But before, create an ambiance which gives you the proper salon feel. Few scented candles and rose petals sprinkled around the place you sit and a glass of wine and Instagram feeds to go for while you soak your feet. Now, take a tub and fill it with water covering your ankles well and use the Ginger Lily Farm Botanical Spa tablet or tea tree oil foot soak. It contains Epsom salt which will remove any roughness and acts as an exfoliator. Soak it for around 15-20 minutes while some soothing music provides an effective environment, and then dry them with the help of a towel.

Step 3: Apply some cuticle cream over nails which will help remove the dead skin and while use a foot file or a pumice stone to remove rough dead skin cells. Don’t be harsh or it will get you an injury but do not be too gentle or it won’t be serving the purpose. You can use those callus remover from the sets mentioned above like PRETTY SEE 10 in 1 Foot File Callus Remover Stainless Steel Pedicure Rasp Tools or probably Happy Will 18 in 1 Professional Pedicure foot care kit or you can even go for Electric Foot Callus Remover. Above mentioned all the foot files whichever is cost-viable to you, go for it. 

Step 4: Now, remove the cuticle cream and push the cuticles with the cuticle pusher from the set. Never cut them. Cut your nails and file them any shape whichever you want from the tool kit you have in handy. Then scrub your nails with the nail scrub and wipe them with a towel quickly.

Step 5: Exfoliate your feet. Use a foot scrub or any normal body wash which you use daily and properly exfoliate the whole foot between the toes, the ankle part, the below-foot part and wash them gently.

Step 6: Now, time to moisturize. You can probably use any heavy market-bought moisturizers and use apt quantities to do that well or you can use shea butter or olive oil or a combo of almond and olive oil. You can even try a foot mask before you moisturize for extra care.

Step 7: Now, it’s time for glam-up. Firstly, apply a primer, then a base coat, and then a final coat of the favorite nail paint you want. For French, apply primer and then base coat and wait for a couple of minutes. Then apply the second layer and then again wait for a few minutes. And finally, cover them up with clear nail polish and tada! You are done with dewy toenails.


Voila! You finally got the pedicure for which you were waiting like ages and that too on your own. Congratulations! Giving yourself a pedicure from time to time is really nice for your feet as they maintain themselves to be beautiful as well as healthy. You can use foot files on normal notes when you are not giving yourself a pedicure even and you can soak them from time to time with spa tablets to prevent the bad smell and calmness to yourself. Try out these best at home pedicure products suggested by beauty experts at Chics Beauty Care for you and you will see results on your own. Are you still waiting??

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