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Best Hair Color Products You Can Try At Home | At Home Hair Color Guide

Hello there ladies! This lockdown must have killed all your plans about getting a new look like the one from your favorite celebrities; her hair color. Well, I do not think you have to worry too much because the market is open, the e-market of course and it has the best hair color products as usual. So, what if you cannot go to the salon, you have at home hair color by yourself and you have us as an aid.

Today, we are gonna color your hair. What I mean is that today we are gonna suggest some amazing shades, and at-home hair color kits and products and a small nice crucial guide to keeping handy while you start coloring. Let’s get started!

1. Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color #030 Ginger

Price | $7.99

Weight | 4 ounces

Quick Features |

  • No ammonia or peroxide or alcohol.
  • Natural-looking color
  • Hair shinier, beautiful and silky.
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best at home hair color 1

It is a new innovative semi-permanent hair color filling every strand of your hair with vibrant beautiful “030 Ginger color” with no Ammonia or Peroxide or alcohol. It keeps your hair look colored naturally maintaining the resilient shine of your hair and better out the quality of your hair after coloring.

2. L’Oreal Professionnel Inoa Hair Color 7.0

Price | $19.95

Weight | 0.32 ounces

Quick Features | 

  • Oil-Based System
  • Healthy scalp with naturality maintained
  • Permanent hair color
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best at home hair color 2

Revolutionary oil-based permanent hair color system. Color flaunts out with extraordinary natural reflects with shinier hair and healthy safe scalp and perfect coverage. The Oil Delivery System optimizes the effect of the color.

3. L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying + Shine Permanent Hair Color

Price | $8.13

Weight | 0.32 ounces

Quick Features | 

  • Vibrant fade-defying color for 8 weeks
  • Maintain the silkiness and shine of the hair
  • Cover grey hair with perfection if applied correctly.
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best at home hair color 3

If you are looking for a gorgeous fade-defying color with dimensions, this product is best for you. The gel-based formula for hair color is paired up with a supreme conditioner and shine serum to maintain the vibrancy of the color along with silky smooth hair up to 8 weeks. From Megan Fox to Priyanka Chopra to Lucy Hale, flaunting their dark brown hair in pride, you will look superb and I am sure.

4. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Créme Permanent Hair Color, 8RB Medium Reddish Blonde

Price | $7.19

Weight | 0.16 ounces

Quick Features | 

  • The triple protection system holds the color for 8 weeks with a silky smooth finish.
  • Fade-defying color covering all the grey strands.
  • Excellent hair color shade.
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best at home hair color 4

You wanna pull Emma Stone’s look or the Blake Lively look, this hair color is for you. This 8RB Medium Reddish Blonde color provides full coverage to the greyish hair and results in long-lasting fade-defying color with silky smooth hair. The triple protection system seal replenishes and conditions your hair with collagen treatment until next hair coloring.

5. L’Oréal Paris Couleur Experte 2-Step Home Hair Color & Highlights Kit, Ginger Twist

Price | $40.95

Weight | 8.2 ounces

Quick Features | 

  • Get vibrant base hair color and charming highlights in 30 minutes only.
  • Cover greys by lightening or deepening the base ginger twist for perfect highlights.
  • Control touch finger-tip makes highlighting easy and precise.
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best at home hair color 5

The only at-home dual-system hair coloring kit combining permanent base color along with harmonizing highlights in one box for the application. Let’s you achieve rich, elegant salon-finish in 2 easy steps for a vibrant base and tempting highlights in 30 minutes only. The control touch finger-tip combined with blue visibility formula makes highlighting easy and precise.

Other Essential Hair Color Products & Kits

Davines Alchemic Conditioner

Price | $31.00

Weight | 8.8 ounces

Quick Features | 

  • Keeps your blonde enhanced and protected and extended.
  • Makes your hair shinier, smoother, and softer.
  • The hair color gets more vibrant and protected.
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best at home hair color products

It is a color-enhancing shampoo suitable for silver, platinum, and cool blonde hair. It intensifies and illuminates natural or colored blonde shades. Enhances with jojoba oil to elevate the shine and softness of the hair.

Diane Processing Cap

Price | $6.18

Quick Features

  • Total 30 in the count, these are absolute needs while doing perms or coloring or conditioning. 
  • Elastic bands are soft and the size is fit for all. 
  • The best thing is, it is reusable.
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best at home hair color kits

Framar Star Struck Silver Pop Up Hair Foil, Aluminum Foil Sheets, Hair Foils For Highlighting

Price | $15.99

Quick Features | 

  • 500 foil sheets in one box
  • The perfect hair foils for highlighting
  • Sheets have featured folded edges with exact dimensions and they do not stick out.
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Best hair color products

This silver pop hair foil makes the best-embossed foil that grips hair for the entire application and processing time without even budging once. Each box contains 500 foil sheets and to be used without cutting and have a feature folded edge. Foils don’t stick or tear when pulled out and the dimensions are perfect.

22PCS Hair Dye Coloring Kit, Anself All-in-one Dyeing Set

Price | $13.99

Quick Features | 

The kit contains 1 hair tinting bowl, 3 dye brushes, 2 ear covers, 1 pair latex glove, 10 pieces shower cap, 4 hair clips, and 1 shawl.



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best at home hair color kits
  • The hair dye kit is made of high-quality materials for durability and long life. Washable, reusable, easy to make new hairstyles at home.
  • the air salon shawl, made of high-quality material, is eco-friendly, durable, waterproof and safe, easy to clean, and reusable.
  • The hair clips hold the hair tightly without pulling or damaging the hair and don’t leave any hair dents/kinks.
  • Large mixing bowl, don’t worry about hair dye spilling. The lightweight and versatile glove make it perfect for any hair styling exercise or home use.

6Pcs Salon Hair Coloring Dyeing Kit

Price | $19.99

Quick Features |

  • The kit contains 1 dye hairbrush,  1 dye hair two-headed comb, 1 dye hair comb, 1 dye hair bowl, 1 dye hair spoon, 1 dye hair whisk.
  • Include 6 different tools,bring great conveniences to color hair.
  • Easy and quick to clean these tools; a must-have item for your personal hair dye.
  • Made by environment-friendly resin, safe and durable to use.
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best at home hair color kits for women

L’Oreal Paris Frost and Design Cap Hair Highlights For Long Hair, H85 Champagne

Price | $13.32

Quick Features |

  • High-precision pull-through cap.
  • Create perfectly precise highlight for hair past shoulders.
  • The box includes special non-drip formula, mixing tray, gloves, and overcap.
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at home hair color

Features |

  • High-precision pull-through cap for perfectly placed, professional-looking highlights.
  • Designed for no-mess application, the box includes special non-drip formula, mixing tray, gloves, and overlap.
  • You can customize your look with two hook options for bold or subtle highlights, or mix it up, with a sun-kissed glow.
  • Create perfectly precise, even highlights on long hair, perfect for a hair length that goes past shoulders.
  • Frost and Design include toning rinse to finish, so hair is shiny, not brassy, and infused with extra shine.

How to do at-home hair color?

And now, we will jump right over to the must-have guide when you color your hair at home and you must read it if you plan so. Let’s dig in.

how to do at home hair color properly

Step 1:

Select the shade which you want to color your hair with. We have mentioned some really amazing shades already in the products; the reddish-blonde or dark brown or 030 ginger. You can try these cooler shades or if you want to explore more, you could definitely because you have the internet. You can explore them on e-commerce sites and buy one. But, the shades we have introduced are like must try this summer because they are up-to-dated with the trend. And yes, one more important thing. Buy two boxes of the shade you pick up. You should not run out of the material, do you?

Step 2:

Moving over, try to test it over your few strands of your hair before you color your whole hair and it does not turn out to be like the one you expected. So, it’s a must.

Step 3:

If you haven’t bought the hair color kit which I would definitely recommend like the Anself dyeing kit because the shawl and the products are really durable and reusable and you don’t have to buy them frequently but if not, buy easily old removable clothing like front-button shirt or dark old robe.

Step 4:

Arrange the things like the brush, the hair dye, or whatever you need to in front of you and do not miss anything out. And make sure you have an extra pair of clothes and some rough cloth around you just in case your hands get dirty and yes, dye wearing a pair of gloves only.

Step 5:

Dye your hair when it’s dry. Moist hair gets it difficult to hold the color. Use a bowl and a brush and mix the products and do not directly use the squeezing bottle. Even a pro uses a brush and a bowl.

Step 6:

Part your hair properly using comb and hair clips. To avoid patchiness, part your hair in four sections, two near your ears and two at the back. Use two mirrors, one in front and one at the back to see properly. Start dyeing from the roots. If you are only covering the grays, need not color the whole head but spot the targets and dye them. But if you are coloring, make sure you distribute it well, start from the root and comb it to the rest of your hair.

Step 7:

Remove the dye from your skin quickly as it can cause allergies to some. Use water or better cleaning wipes.

Step 8:

Wear a shower cap or dye hair cap while you wait so that it does not keep dripping.

Step 9:

To let the color last in your hair longer, use a sulfate-free shampoo, and avoid the water if you can. Well, you can also look for color enhancing and long-lasting color shampoo products like the one we have also suggested out for you (Davines Alchemic Conditioner).

Step 10:

While you are highlighting your hair, use a toothbrush or there are products out there to highlight your hair; make sure you use that.

how to color hair at home


And you are done! Well, you are definitely going out in this lockdown, so you don’t have to budge about going in the sun. So, now that you have got a nice hair color and great selfies to post, make sure you take care of your hair well so that the color lasts longer probably till you can flaunt them while walking down the streets again! 

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