5 Ways to Remove Makeup Without Makeup Remover

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5 Ways to Remove Makeup Without Makeup Remover

We have all had a time when we are back home with a face on make-up only to find out that the makeup remover/wipes is done with. And it is well known for anyone who ever wore makeup, that a facewash alone can never get rid of the stubborn makeup- especially the ones on eyes. Even for people who never had a situation of running out of makeup removers, the fact that removers leave a chemical footprint on your face might scare you after every use. Their alcohol content dries up your skin and may cause serious irritation on sensitive skin.

Above all, it is a big no no to go to bed without removing the last bit of your cosmetics. There are scores of chemical additives that harm your skin on the long run. The effects may include breaking of eyelashes and arrival of pimples, or maybe as worse as an eye infection. So, what is the solution if you are neither allowed to skip makeup removal nor use conventional makeup removers?

The answer lies right inside your house.. At a much lower cost.

Here are five ways to remove makeup without a remover!

1. Milk

Milk is not only nutritious for your diet, but a great nourisher of your skin. The lactic acid in it is a deep pore cleanser. It gets rid of the dirt clogging the pores and reduces pimples. Add a few drops of rose water to milk. Massage them on to your face by rubbing them in circular motion for 5 minutes. Wash them in cold water. This does not work on strong makeup; but can be used after using any of the following remedies first.


2. Coconut oil

Take half a hand full of pure coconut oil and apply it on your face. Let it sit down for a while as it emulsifies the makeup, and then rub it off gently with cotton. Make sure it does not have any added synthetic oils or preservatives as it destroys our very motive.
It leaves your skin oily, so make sure to wash your face off with an appropriate cleanser, or just warm water.


3. Olive oil with aloe vera juice

When it comes to olive oil, the little the better. This is because it is a bit hard to wipe off when used in excess. But it is worth it, as it can penetrate deep into the skin as well as get rid off makeup. Once you wash it off with warm water, it makes your skin super smooth and silky. Adding a spoonful of aloe vera gel or juice to it, moisturizes your skin.


4. Honey

If you have a naturally oily or acne prone skin, applyong oil is not recommended. Instead, honey- acting an an anti bacterial and anti inflammatory agent, clears out your skin. Use a little bit of baking soda to raw honey and apply the mixture onto the face. If you have pimples, use lemon juice instead. This mixture removes the clogs on the pores as well as treat acne.


5. Steaming

This is not really a product, but an excellent technique to cleanse your skin after a tiring day. The water vapours opens the clogged pores and removes any dirt from the deep inside of the skin. It also mentally relaxes you. Steaming can be assisted with aromatic oils and herbs, and give better results along with soothing you. Opening up the bores also softens the skins, and enabling you to get rid of blackheads.

So, be it an office party or your own wedding- always make sure to get rid of makeup once the need is no more. And while there are so many healthy options available, throw away the chemical wipes and removers that further damage your skin.

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