19 Incredible Tricks to Look Classy and Elegant On A Budget

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19 Incredible Tricks to Look Classy and Elegant On A Budget

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. 

Every woman has her own preference when it comes to looks and outfits, so it won’t be a startling fact that there actually exist various kinds of styles. But, being classy and elegant is timeless and evergreen. And it is actually the most preferred style by most of the women. But there are a lot of misconceptions attached to it that these looks are only for women of high-class families or famous personalities. But the good news here is you don’t need to be famous or own a fortune to look classy. In fact, you can also be a classy lady with absolute elegance even in your own budget only if you only know these tricks and tips.  

So, without any delay, let’s get started.

Clothing for classy and rich look

#1: Create Your Own Personal Style

As I said before, style speaks for who you are. So, it is very important for you to believe in what suits you, which is the best outfit you feel comfortable with, that uplifts your mood, defines your personality, and flaunts your elegance. You need to identify it and understand it because you will feel more confident, one of the most important traits to look classy, and more you.

Now, here I would like to add a few points exclusively for you that how actually you can identify your own style. Don’t worry, everything is sorted in here.

  • There must be some fashion bloggers or personalities whose fashion styles give you butterflies. Get an insight from them. Research about their styles and seek inspiration from them. You can even experiment with those looks to create your own style. 
💡My_Secret_Tip: Never underestimate the artist inside you.

  • Clean up the wardrobe. Simple thing, the more you are organized, the more sorted you become. Check out those clothes which actually defines you in your day to day life and in your career probably. You will find some pieces that’s way out of your style. Pile them up aside to donate or lend to someone, what say?
  • While deciding on your personal style, consider your day to day situations and events. What kind of situations you are mostly surrounded with and how you like to style in those events, better jot them down, decide and fill your closet.
  • Take advice from people, like genuine people who know you very well. They can give you some really million-dollar tips.

After going through these tips, I am sure you will be able to decide which style is best suited for you. Doesn’t matter whatever taste you go for, maybe radiant clothes, texture and patterns or simple monochrome, you can make your own way to look chic.

#2: Opt For Finer Quality Fabrics

Clothes made out of finer luxurious materials always give it an expensive look even if it is not. Cashmere, silk, satin, ultrafine merino wool, linen, high-quality cotton, denim, are definitely better options to go for. Cotton (high – quality), linen, wool, cashmere are such fabrics if cared properly will stand the test of time and give you a super elegant look when cleaned and pressed. 

A piece of advice: Make sure you handle these fabrics just as given in the labels for them to last long. Make a mistake and you will ruin your own fine cardigan with your own hands. 

#3: Wear Those That Perfectly Fits

Ladies and dear girls! I know how it is super comfy when you pull on your pajamas or your brother’s or your husband’s shirt and you even try them out, you know “baggy comfy look” or you wear something that’s too small for your body but that’s never a choice to look classy. Mostly, a refined look is always given by those tailored and form-fitting clothes that fits you just perfect. 

How about pulling up classic trousers, slightly wide or just above or below knee-length skirts, or wide-leg pants or even skinny classic fabric pants with a tailored shirt and rolled-up sleeves. 

Never hesitate to get your dresses tailored by the local dressmaker stores. Good quality and well fitted clothes last 7+ years instead of getting them replaced every 2 years. And yes! Do not get stubborn with just one size. Always go for one up and down when trying out for new clothes. 

And one more point I would like to suggest, do not over-expose. It really gets uncomfortable for you and people around you when you flaunt your skin unnecessarily. A classy lady would never commit that mistake. So, carefully observe the situation you will be going to be before you choose an outfit.

#4: Shop Off-Season

Instead of buying trending clothes because your favorite stars are just rocking it, why not strategize on, “when to buy clothes”. Putting together a summer closet in summer only will cost you compromising with the quality. Why not switch when you shop! What I mean is shop for winter coats in April and your bright dresses you want in late fall. Save your dollars, beauties.

Buy timeless fashion pieces like black pumps, trench coats, high waist pants, pencil skirts to get a chic look.

#5: Jackets, Coats and Blazers are Love 

If you think jackets and coats are just to keep you warm or blazers are only for office-look, well think again. Jackets are also one of the best ways to pull up a stylish look. A camel coat or an oversized coat gives you an instant elevated and expensive look. Chunky knits with an elongating look of turtleneck can also make you look instantly stylish and classy. 

Or if we talk about blazers, pairing up with a bold tee, well fitted denim and kitten heels is a chicest way to elevate your appearance. How about pairing turtleneck and camel coat, that too will be a best fit for a rich elegant look.

Look for quality, room for layers underneath, when choosing for coats. For blazer, most critical is fit of the shoulder, then sleeves and then bust. Make sure, you choose the perfect fit rather than depending upon the alterations.

#6: Explore Thrift Stores

You really don’t know what incredible styles these narrow-road side stores possess. Exploration is a perfect choice. Want to get great deals on a tight budget, these stores have varied affordable items you will be surprised to see. 

Specially, these consignment stores, you can find high quality outfits in a really low price.

#7: Darker Denims

Choose for darker denims to get a classy and elegant look. Pair it up with tees or white button-down shirts for an absolute chic look. And more to this secret, the darker the wash, the sleeker your denim gets. 

#8: Undergarments You Feel Confident In

The most important part of your outfit that is the main decision maker of your look is your undergarments. Often, we girls trivialize this layer, but when making our outfit look rich and classy, top and bottom ones are very useful. Invest in some good and trustworthy shapewear to highlight your natural shapes. Also, a well-fitted bra is very necessary because the wrong size can even make your expensive fabrics look cheaper.

So, do not forget to observe and invest in your undergarments before you go for an awesome silk dress in a store you pass by.

#9: When In Dilemma, Opt For Black

Black is always in style. Whenever you face a confusion of what to wear, always go for that black dress. It can go with anything. A formal jacket or a pair of beautiful sandals, pair it up with anything, it will always give out a cool vibe.

#10: Mix and Match Textures and Patterns

Mix and match of prints and textures is a fabulous way to give outfits unexpected fashion moments and flaunt an elegant look. Pairing natural silk with other rich fabrics in the same color scheme like denim or cashmere or wearing the same color scheme in different textures will elevate any look, says an internationally acclaimed model. And yes, proper care of clothes makes them live for a long time.

#11: Pay Attention To Minute Flaws

An elegant outfit can absolutely make you look like a chic, but there are some minute things you should always take care of. Always, make sure the clothes you wear are clean and ironed. Pairing up a tee and a denim, make sure color is coordinated well or if going for textures and patterns, keep an eye that they do not exaggerate but are balanced. Check for loose threads, holes, missing buttons or frayed sewing.

Accessories and makeup

#12: Wear A Lipstick

Heavy accessories or makeup are not always required for a sophisticated look but wearing lipstick is sometimes enough to make you look polished enough for a chic look. Just an extra little step can make a huge difference. If it is red, it makes you look bold and confident. 

#13: Get A Hair-Do

Make sure you style your hair. Your chic look gets completed only when you have an elegant dress along with an elegant hairdo. Wearing a pony-tail or a sleek hair bun are better choices. Well, if you don’t like doing your hair often, better get a haircut which you can put up quickly. Clean hair with a neat hairdo will always get you a polished appearance.

#14: Get Your Nails Done

When it comes to look classy and rich, it is not always about clothes and hair, it is also about the minute details you put on yourself. One of those things is getting your nails done. But it doesn’t call for getting a manicure every week. Keep your nails in an appropriate length by yourself, not too long or not too short. Remove chipped nails from the corners and put a nice nail paint. Do not go for too bright but decent and light. A nude nail paint with manicured nails just add glitters to your rich look.

#15: The Perfect Makeup

Lady look asks for you to exhibit your real skin but in its better well rested version. Natural look always elevates your own personality. Always go for those makeup which flaunt your natural skin. Do not go overboard with makeup or with trends. They are good only if they suit your look. Who would really feel confident with a sleek outfit and a flashy makeup? Invest in concealers, foundation and powder which suits your skin tone. Always be subtle when you apply eye shadow or lip color and keep mascara and eye liners to minimal. 

Apply makeup according to the occasions even though if it asks for a bold lipstick, go for it but be subtle with the choice.

#16: Use A Nice Perfume

Few sprays of perfume with an irie fragrance is a lovely touch to your look plus leaves a lasting impression for you on people. Elegant scents include rose, amber, jasmine etc.

#17: Pointed Flats And Heels

A really easy way to get an expensive look in a budget is to invest in a pair of pointed shoes, flats or heels. A great thing about it is its versatility. It can be suited with all outfits and still give you a classy look.

Also, a pair of real leather or handmade shoes can be a superb choice for trend – forward styling with long lasting years. And yes ladies, do a good care of your shoes to make them last long with their shine. After all, your feet take you to all places, invest on them with an open heart.

#18: Accessorize well

Even a single shining star makes the sky look beautiful at night. What I mean by that is even a beautiful accessory you wear with a simple outfit can make you look royal. Choosing accessories which add glitters to your features and physique without going overboard. 

To style an outfit, add at least one style statement. Go for a cuff bracelet with a nice outfit gives you a sheer look.

Or how about pairing long necklaces with cut shorts or pants, a sleek tank or blouse or a casual dress? It gives you a chic and relaxed look.

Not all types of outfits ask for an accessory. Pairing up a necklace with a turtleneck will be a complete failure. Better focus on shoes with such outfits.

#19: A structured bag

Whether it is large or small, a structured bag always gives you an expensive look. They are chic and timeless. Structured bags in neutral colors like black, white are all season styles and raise your standards automatically.

Being classy is all about looking polished. “Your clothes say a lot about you”. Always make sure your outfits are planned out the night before so you have enough time to steam or iron out any wrinkles. Also, when you carry yourself, fill yourself with confidence. It is the best way for an elegant look.

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