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15 essential accessorizing tips – the art of completing the look

“Life can’t be perfect but your accessories can be!”

You must have seen that one particular girl in your group who just kills the look no matter how simple she wears. She rocks even the jeans and tee looking gorgeous and you just keep wondering how she does that. It’s always in the details, ladies that pull the look together and make it unique. Here, you will find these awesome lessons on the art of accessorizing. Let’s get started with some of the coolest accessorizing tips!

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Like long or fancy necklaces are considered to be a style statement in the world of fashion, nowadays, belts have also been considered in the list to make you look chic and elegant even in your effortless comfy outfit. 

An oversized tee with leggings and a belt will make you look brilliant automatically. Or a wide belt with a flowy dress or how about some bright belts on a black cardigan? These are the best accessories for the dresses ideas we have for you.

#2: Scarves – Not to wrap around your neck only

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Yes! You heard it right. Scarves can’t just be worn on your neck only. They are so damn versatile that they can be worn loose around your shoulders or you can simply tie them on your wrist or your handbag or even your head and use it as headbands, worth the money! They are available in so many colors and patterns that you can’t imagine. Try those matching the colors of your eyes or hair or any matching piece of your outfit. Some may be some which are evergreen; goes with all fits on all.

#3: Shoe and Handbag matching were ages ago

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It was considered a decade ago that to get an elegant look, the rules include this rule of matching shoes and handbags but nowadays if you have very bright shoes, it definitely goes well with the bright warm colored tones for handbags. Now is the world of mixings and you can create your own trend also, #respect_the_experiments!

#4: Layered accessories to layer

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Layering accessories make your personality look unique and confident. If you are a person who wants to keep things simple and professional, dainty and minimal accessories are the best to layer in a simpler way. 

Well, the preferred style is to mostly pile up diverse pieces when it comes to necklaces, you can also go for daring and stylish body chains and if styled with V-neck dresses, the originality pops out

Lariat necklaces are versatile and so adaptable. You can layer them with chokers or another dainty necklace to look up to the trend and fashion. You can style them a casual or fancy or chic look.

For detailed and classy-look, you can opt for vintage-looking necklaces.

#5: Accessories don’t go well in coat weather


When you have an outfit that doesn’t allow many accessories to go with like a turtleneck, focus more on your shoes and handbag to uplift the look. There is a rule on wearing accessories. It is,” Do not wear it when it’s not needed.”

#6: Too many brights literally kills the look

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It is always quoted, “Too many cooks spoil the broth” and it is true. If you are going for big earrings to attract attention, bright clothes will be a waste, too much attention. Bright earrings or necklaces rock with sleek and slender dresses but if you choose bright clothes to flash, go easy on the jewelry. A bracelet and cute small earrings will be enough.

#7:Watch+dress – no match

When preparing for a dress, forget to wear your watch simply. Your wristwatches go only with the urban or business style.

#8: Not more than 2-3 accessories

tips for accessorizing with jewelry


“Excess of everything is bad”. When you ask me how to accessorize with jewelry, control yourself, and do not go more than 2 – 3 pieces, and more importantly, they should match each other in terms of color, style, or material.

#9: Full set, if pieces are small

how to accessorize an outfit with jewelry


You want to look chic or you want to look literally loaded with accessories? Go for a full set only if the pieces are small like small earrings, small necklaces, and small rings. If the pieces are large, earrings with the ring are enough or simply a large necklace is bold.

#10: Metals are chic

how to accessorize your outfit with jewelry


Rich warm-toned jewelry like dainty gold necklaces or brass watches, when paired with silver statement pieces like cuffs or earrings, pops the lookout. Silver choker with the off-shoulder seals the deal.  Orange and black are a great combination and when you add silvers, it just gets elevated, adds oomph to the look. Mixing up your jewelry creates a fabulous vintage look, don’t afraid to mix-n-match, my best tip for accessorizing an outfit.

#11: Add colors to your look

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A secret tip for accessorizing an outfit: If your outfit is black or grey, you can wear colorful accessories which will make your styling look attractive. Bright accessories always look great with dark or matte colored dresses. And yes! Wear fake pieces because nobody literally cares.

#12: Hats are new cool

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Tough to choose but worth to choose. They can be tricky but try them when buying in the stores and if they look too flashy or odd, try instead fascinator hats. They are the best to pull a royal lady-like look.

#13: Rings – be careful

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Thick rings do not look good on short fingers although thin ones add lengths. For costume jewelry, you can stock up from skull rings to metal bands. 

#14: Hair accessories

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Not only you slay the look with layerings and hats, but you can also even use accessories for hair to complete the outfit look. Hair comb pins or simply hairpins on one side frames your face nicely. You can elevate your hair topknot with a tortoiseshell comb but when positioned at one side. Or vintage-twist clips, are the best to wear hair half-up.  Nowadays, right from business meetings to a casual day out, ponytail cuffs add glamour. You can find these beads or pearl beautified cuffs trending these days.

#15: Opt earrings looking at your face

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We ladies even if we do not really like wearing accessories, we at least wear earrings, I mean common, we like those oval twinkling earpieces for even a go-to look. But for real if you want to kill the look, even the minute details matter and one of them is choosing the proper twinkies. 

Oval-faced people are good to go for every type of earrings but those little triangles or simple studs will flatten the best.

Round cute faces look great with those drop earrings, especially with geometric shapes. Those button-shaped types or dangling circles are not ideal for your face.

But those oval long danglings will perfect the look, those who are with square-shaped faces. And just because your face is square-shaped, you are not supposed to pick square or rectangular earrings. Nope! girl, try differently.

Inverted triangular faces can choose teardrops or chandelier styles and those long narrow faces slay the look with cluster studs or probably rounded small ball-shaped ones. 

These are my handpicked best tips on accessorizing an outfit. Be bold and fearless when it comes to accessories. Experiment and create your own personal look, rule 1 of fashion. They are worn bravely and smartly. Rock the look, ladies!

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