10 Must-Have Travel Essential Products Recommended by Travel Experts

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10 Must-Have Travel Essential Products Recommended by Travel Experts

The most confusing part of planning for a vacation is packing. You never know what you might need away from home, but taking along everything makes your baggage heavier. It is an art to find the right things to pack at the right amounts. The clothes and the electronics are never the ones that go missing by mistake. It is the toiletries and products. Always.

Hygiene is a major factor that might affect your health and hence your vacation so badly if not taken care of. Travel hygiene on the road is very risky as the climatic conditions might not suit your skin type. It is very much recommended to carry all necessary products that might come in handy while you’re away from home. You need them to keep your hand clean and face glowing. You need them to keep your hair fresh and skin healthy.

But again, how to decide the most needed products that are a must, so that your space can be saved? This blog comes to your rescue, where the personal care products essential for a trip have been listed, as per expert suggestions.

1. Hand Sanitizer

A hand sanitizer not only helps you before trying out street foods of a new place. It kills the germs you have gathered from travelling in public places. The unfamiliar weather puts you in a higher risk of catching a cold or a new infecting agent your body is unprepared for. Pocket size hand sanitizers are available everywhere. Most germs entering your body do it through your hands, so this gets the first position.

2. Melatonin

It is a health supplement that is not prescribed for regular use- but for frequent travellers, this is a quick remedy. Jet lags and tiring treks might affect your sleep hormones and affect the functioning of your brain. Having melatonin supplements gives you a sound sleep and prepares you for the next day by resetting the sleep cycle. But consult your doctor before intake.

3. Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes not only disturb sleep or leave itchy marks- they also carry diseases along with them. If you are in a foreign place, those diseases might affect you more than expected due to absence of immunity for that disease. Mosquito repellents are available in many forms- coils, nets, or lotions. Since they are active at night time, ensure the usage of repellents before going to bed, or applying lotions before a night travel.

4. Lip Balm

Lip is the most sensitive skin on the face. It gets dehydrated before the rest of the skin and might leave you with cracks and itches. A lip balm not only moisturises but also protects and repairs the lips from further damage.

5. Makeup remover wipes

It is very much necessary to remove your makeup before going to bed. Failing to do so might lead to acne, irritation or even infection. Carry makeup remover wipes along and cleanse your face after using it. This ensures you don’t have clogged pores and lets your skin breathe freely.

6. Aloe Vera Gel

This is an all in one package for all sorts of skin troubles. It is antibacterial and anti inflammatory. It also acts as a sunscreen whilst moisturising your skin. If acne pops up unexpectedly or if you get a burn or an injury during your trip, aloe vera gel comes in handy to heal you.

7. Shampoo and Conditioner Bar

Hair care can get very tedious especially when away from home. Without ample time for hair masks nor oiling, all you can do is shampoo your hair at most. The liquid shampoos and conditioners are at the risk of spilling and making a mess of your luggage. Solid shampoo bars are the perfect solution- more like a bar soap, they even come with conditioners added to them. Find one that suits your hair type.

8. Dry shampoo

For the days when you don’t have time to dry your hair, dry shampoo comes as a boon. It soaks up the oil and grease, giving your hair a fresh look. They do not clean the scalp, so it is not recommended for regular use. But for sure, it is a must-have in your vacation checklist- if you do not wanna be roaming around with dirty hair.

9. Foundation

This is more of a personal care product. It is not advisable to take your entire makeup palette to a trip as it might take up too much space. A foundation enlightens your skin tone, and gives you a clean look. Even if you fail to apply the other products, this shall suffice for a regular day out. But ensure you don’t take a huge bottle, as it might get confiscated at an airport check or might spill inside your bag. Get yourself a small travel pack.

10. Lipstick

The perfect finish to your makeup routine is the classy glossy lipstick. Choose your favourite shade and do not fail to take it along. It makes up for any kind of dull look your skin or hair would carry. Long lasting lipsticks are perfect for travellers.

Now that the checklist is done, it is a rule of thumb that all these travel products are supposed to be taken in small but sufficient amounts. There are other accessories that might go well with them- like small bags for toiletries and products, or mini hair brushes. Bon voyage.

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